Travel safe and secure with the Uber family profile

To the app

Family life is wonderful, but it’s also frequently busy – especially when it comes to travel. Family members often need to be at different places at different times: maybe someone has to go and pick up mom whilst your son or daughter needs a ride home after hanging out with friends in town.

Even if you just all want to go out for dinner together, the logistics can be a challenging if relatives are coming from different parts of town. The Uber Family Profile can help take care of those “who’s driving who” negotiations.

How the Uber Family Profile can help

This handy tool on the Uber app lets you add up to 5 people to a Family Profile, who can travel using your account. Just head to the “Settings” section of the Uber app to set up a Family Profile. You can also set different default payment methods for different family members, remove and add members or disable the feature at any time so that you have full control over who is using the profile and how it’s being used.

How you could use it

The family account makes it easier to use Uber with kids and others for any kind of family activity, whether you’re going out for a weekend family meal somewhere, ferrying your children between school and other activities, or if you just want to get elderly relatives across town to your house so you they can join you for dinner there. No one need miss out on your next family get-together.

Perhaps your children are students at university but don’t yet have their own cars. Again, the Uber Family Profile can help, by allowing them to take rides on your account without having to worry about their finances – it’s also a good excuse to make them visit home more often!

Making the most of free time

For busy families, getting to spend quality time together is extremely precious. Luckily, Qatar has plenty of places where you can do just that – and the Uber family profile makes it all the easier.

Aspire Park, for example, near Doha’s Villaggio mall, is a great green space for relaxing with the family on weekends. Spend an afternoon cycling, jogging, walking or swimming – or just enjoy the fountains and gardens. Either way, make sure the elders can join you by requesting a ride on the family account. If you’ve set up Trusted Contacts for them, you’ll also be also be able to see their live journey to your location to make sure they arrive safely.

To give younger family members a sense of history and culture, take them to Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art. The iconic building rises from its own purpose-built island off the Corniche and is set in impressively landscaped grounds. The museum has the world’s biggest collection of Muslim art, spanning three continents and 1,400 years. It’s one of those places which rewards short, frequent visits – there’s always something new to see, and the nearby MIA Park is worth strolling in for views of the Doha skyline.

There are many other places to enjoy family time locally. Check out KidzMondo Doha, an indoor theme park aimed at teaching kids about society and citizenship while making sure they also have fun. Alternatively, Katara Cultural Village, on Doha’s eastern coast, incorporates an amphitheater, opera house, conference hall, movie theater, souk, museum, and a beach which could be a great bribe for after all the cultural stuff –   you’ll never be bored here!

And, of course, the Uber Family Profile makes it easier to organize that next big family get together. The fun, trendy and delectably decadent Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar, on Doha’s Pearl-Qatar island, has an informal, American-style vibe, serves meals all day, and could be one great choice of venue. Meanwhile the menu at the Sabai Thai eatery on the Salwa Road includes spectacular seafood, with vegan, halal and vegetarian options – and it enjoys some solid online reviews.

Wherever you go, all you need to do is make the reservations and make sure that your relatives and their families are all connected to the family profile. With the questions about who’s driving who home afterward out of the way, you can focus on catching up and enjoying the time together.

Life is short – hop on board with the Uber family profile and make it count with your loved ones.