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More payment options, for more people

September 1, 2016 / Doha

Nearly one year ago, with the aim to better fit the needs and preferences of our riders, we began our cash payments pilot in Beirut. Today, we’re excited to announce that cash payments are now available to all riders in Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, and Qatar.

While credit cards remain the most popular payment method used on the Uber app, we hope cash as an additional payment option will provide riders across the Middle East with the ability to pay for their Uber rides in the way that best suits their needs.

Why we’re introducing cash

Removing the fear factor for first time riders

Not everyone is comfortable using their credit card for online or mobile transactions – we listened to these concerns and introduced an alternative so that you have the freedom to choose the way you move around your city, and cash is a truly inclusive way to empower everyone to do so.

No credit card? No problem.

Cash opens doors for more people to sign up, take their first ride, and have a quality experience on Uber.

Showing more love to more neighborhoods

We’ve seen in Uber cities around the Middle East that cash payments can increase the adoption rate of new riders outside core service areas by an average of 45% – that shows more love to more neighborhoods that lie outside the city center and our traditional core service areas.

More riders means more driver earnings

When more riders choose Uber outside core service areas, driver-partners are able to increase their average hourly earnings – by taking longer trips to a wider variety of neighborhoods and reducing time spent idle.

How to switch payment options

Cash GIF

  • Open the Uber app and set your pickup location
  • Select ‘CASH’ as your payment option
  • Request your ride
  • Before you get out, pay the amount shown directly to your driver