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New motor insurance cover for drivers

October 12, 2020 / Poland

In Poland, all vehicles are legally required to have a MTPL insurance.

AON company, our insurance partner has prepared a dedicated insurance offer for drivers using the Uber app that is compliant with the new legal requirements and provides a selection of insurance products with a discount of up to 20% by PZU and Warta – leading insurers on the Polish market.

What insurance options are available?

The offer covers the following products:

  • PZU S.A.  MTPL insurance (mandatory)
  • TUiR WARTA S.A. MTPL insurance (mandatory)

What does the compulsory third party liability insurance cover?

While you drive on the platform, if you have caused a car accident or car damage, with the MTPL insurance you don’t need to worry about the damage and associated costs. All damages, up to certain limits, will be covered by the insurer, if they arose or are connected with:

  • movement of the vehicle,
  • entering or getting out of the vehicle,
  • loading or unloading of the vehicle directly
  • stopping of the vehicle

The insurance covers damages that are the result of death, injury, health disorder or loss, destruction or damage to property. In addition, it covers the costs of vehicle repair, medical treatment, disability pensions or compensation for the death of persons.

It may be possible to extend the insurance with additional products which AON will be able to advise upon. 

How to obtain the insurance?

You may inquire for more information on insurance components & scope with AON agent. To get more information on  insurance components & its scope, please contact AON agent by calling 22 378 87 00 or email to You may also check FAQ on AON offers here.

PZU and Warta offer standard insurance prices, AON offers a discount for drivers and partners driving on Uber platform. The insurance price is set individually by the representative of the insurance company and depends on the age of the driver, number of accidents / collisions in the past, type of car and scope of insurance. 

Uber is not an intermediary between the insurer and is not a party of the contract, and holds no rights to interfere with its contents.