Ride in Style with BLACK

February 26, 2019 / Poland


When Uber launched in San Francisco, our first service was UberBLACK. It’s the reason why many fell in love with Uber in the first place.

In the last years, we’ve expanded worldwide and launched more affordable options to get people from A to B. Still, BLACK has always been the foundation of Uber – offering to connect you with a high-end and comfortable ride experience. When requesting BLACK, you can expect a variety of high-end vehicles such as a Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5-series, Audi A6.

The minimum fare with BLACK is 30 zł and as for all other Uber products you always know how much you’ll pay before requesting a ride.

4 reasons to try BLACK

The Ultimate Stylish Ride

You’ll always travel in style  and comfort in top-of-the-line vehicles. Luxury at your fingertip!

Build long-lasting memories

Spoil your date when heading to special events like anniversary or dinner -  you both deserve it!

Make yourself comfortable

Need a little break from the world? Lean back and relax after a long flight or an exhausting day.

First impressions matter

Use your comfortable ride to prepare for your meeting and arrive looking polished and ready to close that deal or get that job!