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5 creative ways to motivate remote workers with meal deliveries

April 17, 2020 / Poland

Looking for ways to motivate remote workers? Keep employees happy and engaged with meal deliveries! Here are 5 creative ways to boost productivity and morale, when business isn’t usual.

How to motivate remote workers with meal perks

1. Kickstart the day with a morning treat

Wake up and smell the coffee! According to the International Coffee Organisation, Europe topped world coffee consumption in 2019. In fact, nine out of 10 of the world’s biggest coffee drinkers come from European countries, while Ireland and the UK take second and third places for tea consumption, after Turkey. 

A hot drink is clearly a popular ritual, especially during work hours. But it doesn’t have to end beyond the office walls. Allow your team members to order their favourite morning treat, whether it’s a caffeine fix, tea, bagels or muffins—whatever fuels them for a good start to the day.

2. Mark special occasions

Is someone celebrating a work anniversary, birthday or promotion? Make your people feel valued, even if they’re not in the office to mark a milestone. Celebrating successes gives employees a sense of purpose and is a great way to boost employee morale.

There are many simple ways to show you care. You can surprise them with their favourite cupcakes, or set a budget and let them order a meal for their special day. With Eats on Uber for Business, employees can order meals and bill them to a business account.

3. Bring the team together during lunch

Even though team lunches won’t physically be in the same room, you can certainly motivate remote workers by bringing the whole team around the virtual table.

Uber Eats gives access to a wide variety of local restaurants and has an average meal delivery time of under 30 minutes (based on the calculated global average for active restaurants as of February 2020). It’s simple to plan a time when food will be brought to employees, so the team can dial into a group call and enjoy lunch together.

Ways to motivate remote workers | Bring the team together during lunch

4. Reward long hours

Late nights and deadlines are sometimes a part of work. Breakfast is key to keeping our body clock running on time, and research has found that it’s also important to have a well-timed dinner—eating too late is a health no-no. Avoid late-night meals and allow remote workers to order dinner at appropriate times to keep them fueled for the rest of the evening.

You can create programs for evening meals with Eats on Uber for Business. Nourish those who are working longer hours within budget by setting ordering time windows, spending limits and delivery locations, so they continue doing their best work.

5. Team-building events

If remote workers can’t attend Friday after-work gatherings in person, bring the team together for some online activities! Encourage social interaction with virtual pizza parties or a trivia night.

Employees can choose what they want to eat and have it delivered with a few taps, just in time for the fun. Not only will they start the weekend well-fed and entertained, but these events will also help foster a sense of connection and belonging with the rest of the team.

A new tool to help motivate remote workers

Uber for Business has added Eats as one of its offerings to organisations. You can control when, where and how people in your organisation can charge meals to your account. Admins can create meal delivery programs, such as lunch, dinner or late-night meals, configure the rules like location, time, and spending allowances, and select groups who can have access.

Forget individual billing or time-consuming ordering, and give your employees the energy boost they need—when and where they need it. Motivate remote workers and feed your whole team with Eats on Uber for Business and help employees stay happy, engaged and productive!

Here’s what Uber for Business can help you with:

  • Boost employee productivity
    Motivate your employees by having their favourite meals delivered right to their workspace.
  • Simplify billing and expensing
    Automate expensing by easily integrating all meal receipts with your preferred system.
  • Solve all your office meal needs
    Manage meal policies, set budgets and rules, all within one unified and intuitive dashboard.

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