Uber has always been committed to driver partners. On and off the road. 

 As part of our continuing engagement with driver partners we learned we could make their Uber experience even better by strengthening our driver loyalty program. 

The result is Uber Pro.

On day one, Pro will unlock a suite of new rewards for driver partners in New Zealand.

More benefits will follow because we’re committed to continually enhancing the experience of driver partners.

I’m excited to share the first stage of benefits available through the app with Pro.


Rewards on the road

Uber Pro delivers a tiered loyalty approach across four reward categories – Blue, Gold, Platinum and our pinnacle Diamond status.

All driver partners will unlock savings – with higher tiers accessing loftier rewards. 

Top-tier Diamond partners will score 12 cents per litre fuel discounts at BP. Our introductory Blue tier will still enjoy a saving of eight cents a litre at BP petrol pumps across New Zealand.

Diamond and Platinum tiers will also celebrate priority airport re-matching, offering them the highest chance of receiving a pickup request at selected airports following a drop off.

There’s also savings through discounts with Supercheap Auto and specials on a range of tyres at Beaurepaires. 

Every driver will continue to enjoy Uber’s leading partner protection program which helps cover eligible partners who are in an accident during an Uber trip.

We’re continuing our 24/7 support in app and over the phone but adding a priority service for Diamond tiers within the GreenLight hubs.


Recognition for Excellence

Drivers earn points by completing trips, with one point for each off peak pick up and five points for peak times.

The points count towards their Pro status on every trip during fixed 3-month periods and the points they earn in one period go toward unlocking status (and more rewards) in the next quarter.

Drivers are eligible for rewards the moment they enter a new tier.


Moving Forward

Pro has been designed to make the everyday more affordable.  

Whether it’s discounts that help drivers get the most from their time on the road or recognition from riders.

Uber is committed to helping our most dedicated driver partners progress toward their goals. On and off the road. 

Today is just the start. Read more on Uber Pro now or watch this quick video introduction.