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Make your virtual SKO one to remember

January 12 / New Zealand

As you plan  your sales kickoff (SKO) , chances are you’ve had to adapt your plans from an in-person event to a virtual, or a hybrid versione. While the circumstances of your SKO might be different than in years past, you can still plan an event that helps boost morale and sets your team up for success in the new year.

From planning the schedule to creating the sales enablement and training materials, a lot of effort goes into a great SKO. Keeping your team engaged throughout the event will ensure that your hard work pays off. Here are some tips for having a productive (virtual) sales kickoff

1. Start off right

Your team is in it for the long haul, so get the day started on the right foot. Send them a voucher so they can order their favourite drink or breakfast item from their local coffee shop using Uber Eats. Or, if you’re able to meet in person, start a group order on Uber Eats and send your team a link to your shared cart. That way, your breakfast orders are all delivered to the office at the same time. 

Then kick off your meeting with an icebreaker. At Uber, we started a recent 2021 strategy call with team trivia, which helped us learn more about our teammates and build relationships even when we weren’t in the same room. Setting the tone early can help bring your team together and put everyone in a good mood.

Pro tip: Set parameters for your vouchers so they can be used for the event (for instance, from the night before through the end of the event day). Send the vouchers to your team before the SKO so they have time to claim and redeem. 

2. Keep your team focused and ready to learn

These are long days packed with guest speakers, trainings, and business reviews. Meeting fatigue is bound to happen. Keeping your team fed and engaged can help you keep the good times rolling. For starters, pick up the lunch tab halfway through the day and avoid hangry salespeople. Simply set time and date parameters on your Uber for Business account and send them a voucher for lunch ahead of time. Or, if you’re meeting in person, send them a link to your shared cart on Uber Eats to be delivered to the office. Either way, your team will be happy to get a break and lunch on you.

Another way to keep your team on their toes is to schedule breaks for fun activities like contests or a quick trivia game. Wrap up the day with an award ceremony for your top performers—and offer the winners an Uber gift card as a prize they can use at a later date.  

Pro tip: Uber gift cards can be sent digitally to recipients and used for either rides or meals. 

3. Make the most of the day

SKOs don’t come cheap. First, there’s the time spent developing and creating content, then there’s the opportunity cost of taking your sales team out of the field. As your SKO carries on, ensure that you’re getting the maximum ROI. One way to do this is to lead breakout sessions and offer a voucher for a snack or coffee to drive attendance and keep energy high. Your team will be excited to join and more motivated to contribute. 

You can also offer your team a voucher to feed their whole family dinner from their favourite local restaurant. Then they can stay focused on moving the business forward instead of worrying about the evening’s meal plans.

Pro tip: With Vouchers, you can set a spending limit and pay only for what is ordered, so you can easily control costs.   

A great SKO can help you boost team morale and start the new year on the right track. Keep your team focused and energised throughout your event by sending them vouchers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and reward your top performers with the gift of Uber. Easily set spending limits in your Uber for Business dashboard, to help you stay within your budget.

Whether you’re packing your day with breakout sessions or keeping it short, bringing your team together for some bonding—virtual or otherwise—is a great way to celebrate their accomplishments and set them up for success in 2021.

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