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Cover the cost of rides and meals with Vouchers

Reach new customers and give the VIP treatment to the people who move your business forward.

Elevate any experience with Vouchers

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    Whether you want to surprise and delight or make things right, Vouchers makes it easy to drive customer loyalty.

  • Drive foot traffic

    If you pay for it, they will come. Subsidise rides taken to and from your store. Great for grand openings and to keep customers coming back.

  • Create demand with promotions

    Add buzz to your marketing efforts with promotions built around complimentary rides and meals. Great for customer acquisition.

  • Buy lunch for sales prospects

    Offer to cover the cost of lunch by sending Vouchers to your top sales prospects. Food always helps to get the conversation started.

  • Provide a unique employee perk

    Whether it’s a ride to a work event or a monthly stipend for meals, Vouchers can help keep your people happy and motivated.

  • Enhance your recruiting

    Roll out the red carpet for candidates and ensure that they’re on time by subsidising rides to and from the interview.


See how Vouchers works

Why use Vouchers

A benefit your people will love

Millions of people worldwide use Uber. Delight your customers and employees by covering the cost of a service they already trust.

Simple to send and redeem

Create Vouchers instantly and send by email, text and other channels. Customers can redeem with a single tap, and you only pay for rides they take.

Easy to generate insights and reports

Track the status of voucher redemptions from the Uber for Business dashboard. Use the results to make your next effort even more successful.

‘Uber provides a really elegant solution where we can tap directly into the Uber Vouchers API.’

Eden Shirley, CEO, AutoGuru

Your business is going places. We’re here to help.