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Increasing rates in your city to boost your earnings per trip

April 5, 2022 / New Zealand

A lot has changed since the Uber app first launched in Australia and New Zealand, and it’s clear from your feedback that rates need to change too. So we’re increasing rates in your city through a higher base fare, per-minute and per-km rates, and a higher minimum fare as well.^

This means you can earn more on each trip, including those on the shorter end of the spectrum. For the exact rates, check your email and the Uber Driver App.

Listening to your feedback

“The price increase is fantastic because we needed it. It’s great that our feedback has been taken on.”

Sydney member of the Uber Advisory Forums

Driver-partner feedback on fares was critical to these changes. We are continuing to listen to your feedback to develop sustainable solutions that help make the Uber platform a positive experience for everyone. Be on the lookout for more information on how to provide feedback for this year’s Advisory Forums.


When will these new rates kick in?

These new rates will be applied from 7 April 2022.

How did you determine the new fares?

We’ve heard from many of you that fares needed to be higher to reflect how the driving experience has changed. These new rates were set to ensure you earn more on each trip, and riders still have an affordable price – a balance, which we expect, will mean plenty of earning opportunities for you.

What happens to the temporary fuel surcharge?

The temporary fuel surcharge will remain in place until 14 May 2022.

^These changes do not vary your Services Agreement. For more information on fares generally, please refer to your Services Agreement which can be found by visiting