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Named Sam? Know a Sam? We’ve got a ride for you!

June 20, 2017 / Christchurch

If like the other 4,000,000 (1) plus people in New Zealand, you still don’t know about Uber (and by know, we mean taken a ride), we bet your bottom dollar you know a mate called Sam.

How can we be so sure? Well Sam is not only the most common unisex name among our 300,000 riders right now, it is also one of the most popular unisex names in New Zealand (2).

Of course we want everyone to know about the magic of riding with Uber, but we don’t want you to just take our word for it.

Free rides for ‘Sam’

That’s why for one week from Monday 3 July, we’re offering anyone (3) with a name that starts with ‘Sam’ – whether it be Samuel, Samantha or Samara – a free $20 ride every day, for 7 days (see relevant dates below). And if you’re not called Sam and you’re new to Uber, you can ask your mate Sam for a free $20 ride too.

Why? Well we figured there’s no one better placed to tell everyone about the benefits of Uber than the one mate we all have – Sam!

So now if you ever have a question about Uber you can simply #AskSamNZ.

Named Sam?

If you’re called Sam and want to help your mates get to know Uber, then register here by Friday 30 June, and we’ll give you a free ride worth up to $20 every day for one week from 3 July. And because we know you have so many mates who want to get to know Uber too, we’ll give any of your mates who are yet to try Uber a free $20 ride as well.

Know a Sam?

If you know a Sam then make sure they register here by Friday 30 June, so they can tell you all about how great Uber is while riding for free. And if you’re really good mates, hopefully they’ll let you ride with them for free too!

For full terms and conditions of the promotions please head here


1) Figure based on latest population estimates minus number of active Uber riders in New Zealand – 300,000.

2) Based on information available from Internal Affairs, the combination of the name Sam, Samuel & Samantha makes ‘Sam’ the most common unisex name in New Zealand between 1954 and 2016.

3) Please note you must be registered here to be eligible for this promotion.