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UberEATS Netherlands Guaranteed Earnings

October 11, 2017 / Netherlands

For guaranteed earnings requirements and example calculations, please see below the images.


Your trip fares consist of a pickup fee, a drop-off fee,  a rate per kilometer and a service fee deduction. For batched deliveries, the pickup amount is paid out once.

If your trip fares are below the hourly guaranteed amounts, your earnings will be topped up.

Requirements guaranteed earnings

  • Be online in the blue zone (see below)
  • Accept and complete at least 90% of all incoming delivery requests both per time block* and per week.
  • [Amsterdam only]: Do at least 1 delivery p/h on average per timeblock.*
  • [The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam]: There might be a signup requirement for specific time slots. This will be mentioned in the overview.

* Time block = consecutive hours with the same guaranteed amount.

Guaranteed amounts apply per full hour.  During 30-minute blocks, half the amount in the overview is guaranteed. The service fee is deducted from guaranteed earnings.

You can deliver in all cities where UberEATS is available but you’re only eligible for guaranteed earnings in the city where you were activated. You can permanently switch to another city by sending us a message through the in-app help center.


  • Guaranteed earnings between 17:00 – 20:00 are €10 p/h.
  • You are online between 18:00 – 19:30 and make €11 in trip fares.
  • You are guaranteed €15  (€10 × 1.5 hour = €15).
  • Your earnings are topped up with €3.60 (€15 – €11 = €4 minus 10% service fee).


Go to ‘Account’ -> ‘Help’ -> ‘Guide for delivering via Uber’ in the Uber Driver app.

Blue Zone Amsterdam

Blue Zone Utrecht

Blue Zone Rotterdam

Blue Zone The Hague