Left an item after a Uber ride? It happens

March 25, 2019 / Netherlands

You know the feeling – that moment when you look for something that was just in your pocket or you had in your hand. “Wait…  where are my sunglasses!?” Or if it’s not your sunglasses, it’s your phone, wallet or backpack. Fortunately, you’re not the only one: everyone loses something at some point. In fact, the Netherlands is second in the world when it comes to leaving possessions behind after an Uber ride (France being number one), with Amsterdam being number 2 in the list of most forgetful capitals. But what items do they leave behind?

Unusual Uber objects

It shouldn’t surprise you then that drivers regularly find these items left by passengers – and it’s not always wallets, keys, backpacks, cameras or phones. The list is actually pretty diverse and extensive: have you ever forgotten your cat, hair dryer, kettle or radiator after an Uber ride? We’re not joking, we’ve really found some of these in the backseat!

Uber Lost & found

And the list goes on: how about a sewing machine, 5 liters of olive oil, a fishing rod, a beach tent, a stool or an antique wagon wheel? We’re still wondering about the olive oil…

And did you know that Dutch people lose the most items on a Monday, while other Europeans forget to take something with them on Saturdays and Sundays, especially after a ride? It seems we have our heads on straight at the weekend but are not quite as awake on Monday.

What to do if you lose something

The best way to get your 5 liters of olive oil back, or any other lost item, is by calling the driver. That might be obvious, but what if you just left your phone (incidentally, the number 1 most forgotten item in the Netherlands) in the car? Just hop on to a computer, sign into your account on Uber and follow these steps:

Uber Lost & Found

  • Go to “Your Trips” and select the corresponding journey.
  • Select “I have lost an item”.
  • Select “Contact a driver about a lost object”.
  • Scroll down and enter the phone number with which you can be reached and click on Send.
  • If you have lost your own phone, enter the number of a friend (this can be done via a computer or via the phone of a friend).
  • We’ll call you and directly connect you with the driver’s phone.
  • If the driver picks up and confirms that the item has been found, you can arrange a mutually-convenient time to pick up the item.
  • If the driver doesn’t answer, leave a voicemail with a description of the object and the best way to contact you.

Uber Lost & Found

It’s not that difficult. But obviously, not losing the item in the first place is better. Always take a good look around when you leave you ride so that you don’t leave behind your phone, wallet, dog, radiator, Mickey Mouse costume, wedding ring or sewing machine. Any other questions or trip issues? Check our other article on how to resolve issues with our in-app support.