Service Fee Payments Made Easy

April 13 / Nigeria

When you see a negative balance in your Uber account, it means the amount of cash you’ve collected from trips is more than what you’ve actually earned.

It’s easy to settle your negative balance quickly. You can do this in the Uber Driver app by using the USSD, Barter and Bank Transfer options. Pay within 2 days of receiving the payment notice to stay on the road and continue earning.

To understand how to make a payment to Uber after you have received a payment notification, please watch the video above or follow the process listed below:

How to make a payment from your Uber Driver App

When you receive a payment notification, you have 2 days to make a payment. Please follow the steps below to make a payment to settle your service fees:



Bank Transfer


Settle your negative balance regularly and in-time to stay on the road and to avoid getting your account temporarily deactivated.

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