Safety tips to help you feel safer on your Uber ride

August 1, 2018 / Nigeria

In today’s world, safety for women and young people heading home after a night out can be a big issue. We want to help ensure that Uber user feels secure and comfortable, regardless of age or gender.

There are many situations in our country that could potentially make riders feel nervous, especially women. Taking an Uber alone, going home in the early hours of the morning after working or partying and driving through unfamiliar neighbourhoods could cause anxiety.

You deserve a smooth ride each time, so Uber has a number of safety features that allow you to help avoid uncomfortable or dangerous situations. A few general tips to remember when traveling with Uber include: staying inside the building until your driver arrives, especially at night, and not hanging around on the sidewalk with a cellphone in your hand. Remember, you’ll be notified when your driver arrives so you can wait inside until then.

Let a friend or family member know where you are by sharing your status with them, an easy feature on the app that allows them to track your trip. Before getting into any car, verify the details – you’ll find the driver’s name and picture and the car’s colour, type and registration number on your app.

Buckle up once you’re inside, don’t share any personal information with your driver if you feel uncomfortable and share your ETA with loved ones for extra peace of mind. Uber takes care of your personal information by automatically ensuring that both driver and rider phone numbers are anonymous to each other.

You can contact Uber 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the app for support – even when you’re sitting in the car. There is a dedicated incidents team that is ready to respond rapidly to all your concerns.

Uber’s anonymous feedback feature prompts you to leave a rating and comment after each trip, so if you’ve had a bad experience, be sure to note it.

Respect and care work both ways and, as a rider, you should show the same treatment to your driver that you’d like to receive. This includes giving them personal space, using polite manners and respecting their property as outlined in Uber’s community guidelines.

Uber wants to you arrive safely without stressing or feeling uncomfortable in any way, so be sure to follow the guidelines and use the features for a smooth and safe ride, every time.