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Fun things to do in Lagos on an Uber budget of ₦5000

June 3, 2019 / Nigeria

Whether you fancy fun in the sun or staying in the shade, spending an easy-going day in Lagos doesn’t have to break the bank when you ride Uber. We’ve put together some ideas for a few cheap activities and free things to do in Lagos whilst keeping your transportation costs under 5000 with uberX.

You can also create an itinerary to suit your own tastes, using the fare estimator to calculate rates in Lagos. Remember, dynamic pricing means Uber charges in Lagos are variable and may affect the cost of your trip.

Starting Point: Tejuosho Market to breakfast at Pancake Hub

Starting from Tejuosho Market, you can enjoy some morning window-shopping while the mall is quieter, before catching a ride to Pancake Hub (400-500) for a breakfast bite to eat or a leisurely brunch. Choose from a wide selection of pancake combinations and side dishes for a meal to remember – or at least fill you up for the day’s outing.

Itinerary Option One: Golden beaches and park benches

After breakfast, it’s time for day of bouncing round Lagos’ most famous attractions – its beaches. Catch a ride to Oniru Private Beach (₦1900-2450, admission is 1000). Once there you can rent a tent, sunbathe, or simply relax and enjoy the sea air. For something more exhilarating, you can go horse riding or spin to the top of the world on the Ferris wheel.

Alternatively, another beach you can ride to for some more aquatic fun is Lekki Leisure Lake (1800-2300 from Pancake Hub). There’s jet skiing, quad bikes, pedal boats and loads of other great activities or equipment you can hire for a fun day on the water.

Once you’re tired of the beach, you can stick with the outdoor relaxation on Victoria Island by heading over to Muri Okunola Park (₦1050-1300 from Lekki Leisure Lake or ₦650-800 from Oniru Private Beach). It’s a tranquil place on the bustling Victoria Island, perfect for relaxing with a picnic or just chilling with friends on the grass. It’s also a regular venue for music events.

Itinerary Option Two: Cooler culture binge

If you’re more culturally inclined, or just want to get away from the heat and humidity for a while, take an Uber trip to the National Theatre (UberX ₦750-950). There’s always some event or another going on, otherwise you can just explore and marvel at the serene and spacious interior of the complex. And if you’re feeling hungry, of course, you can grab a seat at one of the restaurants and bars within the premises.

From there, you can catch up with some traditional and cultural heritage at the National Museum. (₦750-900). Linger in the air-conditioned rooms and take some selfies while browsing pieces from the Nok terracotta, statues that tell the tales of the Benin kingdom, alongside many other items and pieces that will take you back in time.

If you’ve still not had your fill of culture, Freedom Park (₦400-450) is the place to go! The park houses an open-air stage, museum, amphitheater, and the Wole Soyinka Gallery, as well as various stunning artworks exhibited around the garden to enjoy as you wander. Most of the events that take place here are free but remember that there is 200 entrance fee to the park.

Dinner in Ikoyi

After your day of chilling on the beach or cultural exploration, catch a ride to the Roots Restaurant (₦400-480 from Freedom Park/ ₦400-450 from Muri Okunola Park). Offering chill vibes, good music, and flavour-rich dishes from around the world, this restaurant is a great spot to finish the day on any budget. Enjoy the live band, in-house DJ, happy hour cocktails and great food for ₦2000 – 6000 depending on your remaining budget.

After dinner, why not walk over to Bogobiri House a road over? There, you can enjoy good music and connect with interesting people in a relaxed, chilled out environment. Entertainment ranges from the Thursday night “Freedom Hall” and Tuesday night Taruwa – a platform for new talent in “spoken word” and music – to the weekend High Life, Jazz and Afrobeat shows by more established performers.

Spending less than ₦5000 for either option on transportation costs, you can spend an enjoyable day soaking up some of the best that Lagos has to offer.