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Boost Promotion

February 19, 2018 / Nigeria

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

Valentine’s is over,

But here is a 2X boost for you!

Boost your earnings with up to 2X boost this week: 19 Feb – 25 Feb 2018.

That is, you can DOUBLE your earnings during certain times this week.

Boost allows you to make extra money on the road—so you can hit your earning goals even faster.

Example trip calculation with DOUBLE (2x) boost

Isiabu completed a trip and the fare was NGN 5000. At the end of the day, he is paying the 25% service fee on this fare for the use of the Uber application, that is NGN 1250. The trip he completed, was in a 2x BOOST area, which means he earned an EXTRA NGN 5000 just because he was driving there. His TOTAL earnings after the Uber Service fee for this trip was NGN 8750. 


Fare NGN 5000

– Uber Fee (25%) NGN 1250

+ Boost (100% the fare) NGN 5000

Total Earnings NGN 8750

Boost promotions let you increase your earnings during featured hours in specific locations. You can find these details in the Promotions tab of your Driver app. Once a promotion ends, you’ll get paid any extra earnings in your next pay statement.

Facts about boost

  • The boost amount is funded by Uber and can easily be seen under trip details in the driver-partner app and also under the weekly summary
  • The boost amount forms a part of total earnings as shown in the per trip example above and also forms a part of the weekly earnings
  • The total boost amount is visible to partners under weekly statements and forms a part of the bank deposit calculation. Where Uber owes partners money, we aspire to make the bank deposits directly every week