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Abuja, Do You Want To Win 100 Free Rides?

March 16, 2017 / Nigeria

Already looking forward to the weekend? It’s time for you to save the week and be your Office Hero!

Do you want to ride free for 1 whole month? All you have to do is refer your non-Ubering friends and family to take their first Uber ride with your personal invite code and we will double your free rides! 

The more friends you refer, the more free rides you get. And the best part? You can earn as much as 100 FREE RIDES! If you hit any of the below targets before 11:59 PM, March 24th, you win the corresponding FREE Uber rides. Make your way up to the highest of them all – the #UberOfficeHero and earn bragging rights for life!

#UberAssociate 10 10 + 10
#UberExec 25 25 + 25
#UberOfficeHero 50 50 + 50


  1. Download the Uber app, if you haven’t already from the App store or Play store.
  2. You can find your invite code in the Uber app in the ‘Free Rides’ option.
  3. Refer friends with your invite code. You can change and personalise your invite code by logging into your account.
  4. Friends receive a free ride worth N1000 on their first ride when they sign up with your invite code.
  5. You receive a free ride worth N1000 for every friend that takes a ride.
  6. The more friends you refer, the more FREE rides you win!
  7. If you hit any of the above targets before 11:59 PM, March 24th, you earn the corresponding FREE Uber rides in addition to the free rides you have received.


    1. Each ride is up to N1000. The additional free rides you get are in addition to the free rides you earn through referring friends, on achieving those levels.
    2. New users must each have their own debit/credit card, smart phone, email, and phone number to be eligible for free rides. Signing up others with your own payment profile and/or smartphone in order to earn free rides is a violation of our terms and will make your account ineligible for further promotions.
    3. Creating multiple accounts with your own personal email addresses is also a violation of our terms and will make your accounts ineligible for further promotions.
    4. If you create accounts for other people who do not have their own smart phone, payment method (Cash or Card), phone number, or email address, your code will no longer work and your referees will pay for their rides in full.
    5. Uber reserves the right to suspend your account and/or revoke any referral bonus for free rides at any time we feel they were earned inappropriately.
    6. Uber reserves the right to verify and adjudge the validity of the sign-ups generated via the above referrals.
    7. Referrals are not equal to signups.
    8. Winners will be announced via email on March 27, 2017.