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Penang, request when you’re ready

January 24, 2018 / Penang

It’s better late than never, but never late is better. Starting 30 January 2018, we’re introducing wait time charges in Penang. You’re encouraged to only request a ride when you’re ready to leave, but we understand that everyone can run late.

In these situations, there will be a 3-minute grace period for you to meet your driver-partner at the pick up location. Riders who arrive after the grace period has ended will incur nominal wait time charges. This is introduced to ensure driver-partners are compensated fairly for their time spent on the road.

How it works

  1. Once your driver-partner arrives at your pickup location, a push notification will be sent to you communicating his/her arrival.
  2. Your driver-partner will wait for 3 minutes after arriving at the location, after which wait time charges will kick in
  3. Wait time charges are applicable to uberX, uberMANDARIN and uberXL
Wait Time Wait Time charges*
0-3 minutes No charge
> 3 minutes From RM0.23/min on uberX

From RM0.23/min on uberMANDARIN

From RM0.40/min on uberXL

*Your wait time will be subject to dynamic pricing when demand is high.

Your wait time charges will be prorated. For example, if you request for an uberXL and arrive 30 seconds after your wait time charges start, you will only be charged RM0.20. This is half of the uberXL wait time charges, which is RM0.40 per minute. This additional charge will reflect on your receipt after the trip.

To ensure that riders are not unfairly charged when the drivers are not at the pickup location, we have set the timer to begin only when the driver is at the pickup location. If the driver has not yet reached the pickup location, wait time charges will not apply.

Our aim is to give both our riders and driver-partners a smooth Uber experience, helping riders and driver-partners to connect quickly and easily so they can get on their way.

Frequently asked questions

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