Today marks the third year of GO-GET, our annual product showcase, where we introduce new innovations that help you go anywhere and get anything effortlessly. This year, we’re helping you go and get with the people you love most.

Rooted in family, fun and travel, these new products and features are designed to make your life a little easier. Whether that’s getting your kid to basketball practice on time while you’re stuck at work or upping your gift card game with a personalized video message for your great aunt’s birthday, we’re here to help you literally go get it! 


Family profiles and teen accounts

Setting up a family profile allows you to link multiple Uber accounts together—so you can pay for rides and deliveries from a centralized account, plus receive real-time location and order updates.

We know that it takes a village to keep teens going and growing. From sports practices and mall trips to first job interviews and more, teens are always on the move but getting them there isn’t always easy. 

We’re introducing teen accounts on Uber—built for parents and caretakers of 13-17 year olds to save precious time with peace of mind. This feature helps parents and caretakers move teens safely under their supervision with features like: 

  • Screened and experienced drivers: Only experienced and highly-rated drivers will be eligible to complete trips with teens. Every driver has the ability to opt out.
  • Safety features only on Uber: We’ve designed teen accounts with built-in, privacy-preserving safety features including Verify My Ride, RideCheck, and Audio Recording. Plus, live trip tracking lets a parent follow the trip’s progress so they know exactly where their teen is going and who is behind the wheel.
  • Always-on support: Parents can contact the driver directly during a trip, contact Uber’s support team, or report an issue on behalf of their teen.

Teen accounts for rides will be available beginning on May 22 in select cities in the US and Canada. Plus, teen accounts will soon be available on Uber Eats so your teen can order meals too. Whatever family means to you, Uber Eats makes it easier than ever to keep tabs on orders (and monitor their spending!) directly in the app.

Uber Car Seat 

Transporting a little one around town can be stressful, so we’re thrilled to team up with premier car seat company, Nuna, to offer rides with their quality and stylish car seats. Beginning in New York City and Los Angeles, Uber Car Seat allows parents and caregivers to request and reserve a ride with Nuna’s RAVA car seat that easily carries little ones from 5 to 65 lbs.


We often hear from riders about family members who want to use Uber but aren’t as familiar with navigating a smartphone. Now, everyone in the family can enjoy the same effortless Uber experience, even without the app. For US customers it’s as easy as dialing 1-833-USE-UBER (1-833-873-8237), toll-free, to speak with an agent in English or Spanish, and request a ride on-demand or reserve one for a future trip.  


Group Grocery Orders

Building the perfect grocery cart for delivery with your roommates, family members or vacation buddies just got even easier. Now, group grocery orders on Uber Eats lets you invite participants to add their own items to a shared cart, set deadlines for when to add their must-haves, and even automatically split the bill at most stores for a hassle-free experience. Want to place a recurring grocery order and remind your family to get their items added each week? You can do that too.

Group Rides

Riding with friends and family is about to get more convenient and affordable. In select cities, you’ll be able to invite others to add their addresses on a group trip, and soon, the Uber app will automatically update the stops to pick each person up according to the most efficient route. Plus, no more awkward money requests! Soon, each person will be charged for the time they spend on the trip – helping you save money on the go. 

Video Gift Messaging

To make gift-giving on Uber Eats more personal and memorable, you can now record a unique video message to accompany your gift. Starting with gift cards, soon you can add this personal touch to anything you send on Eats: from a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates to your favorite tikka masala, video gift messaging is the perfect ribbon on your Uber gift.



We’re taking Uber to the water this summer in Greece by offering vacationers, and boat lovers alike, the opportunity to book a boat directly via the Uber app. Boat allows for up to 8 people to cruise to popular destinations around the island of Mykonos. Opa! 

Uber Central

Imagine you’re on vacation and your ground transportation is magically arranged for you on each day of your trip. Whether it’s a stress-free ride to the airport or an easy way to get to a museum, hospitality concierges around the world can arrange rides for their guests using Central on Uber for Business. This means you can spend more time adventuring and less time figuring out the logistics. After a ride is requested, you’ll be notified of the trip information and can track the ride’s progress along the way. With Central, businesses worldwide—from hotels to car dealerships and beyond—are providing an elevated customer experience.

As we head into summer, we look forward to helping you go anywhere and get anything—together.