Beirut Hidden Cities: Vanessa

July 15, 2019 / Lebanon

Discover the founder of a local coffee bean made with homegrown ingredients

Meet Vanessa, our octopreneur. Through the many hats that she wears, she’s giving back to her community, most prominently with the launch of BëRoot—a venture that empowers local farmers by promoting only local homegrown ingredients.

Meet Vanessa

They say the city of Beirut never really sleeps, but we could argue the same for Vanessa Daher. An ambitious entrepreneur that wears many hats—architect, designer, brand builder, strategy consultant… the list goes on.

The proud Lebanese woman was living aboard for many years until she recently decided to return to her roots and give back to her homeland. Vanessa launched BëRoot—an extension of her experience of living overseas mixed with the yearning to return to her roots. BëRoot proudly empowers local farmers by promoting only local homegrown ingredients that are as full of life as Vanessa is.

Vanessa’s hidden gems