Beirut Hidden Cities: Ashekman

July 15, 2019 / Lebanon

Discover the art scene in the heart of Beirut

Discover the streets of Beirut through the eyes of Mohammed and Omar Kabbani. These two street artists are pioneers in the art of Arabic graffiti, calligraphy, rap and streetwear who use their art to promote a message of unity and peace.

Meet Ashekman

Head to the tranquil streets of East-Beirut’s commercial streets where a collage of traditional French and Ottoman homes collide to create the famous Achrafieh district. Amongst the concrete jungle of these war-torn buildings and modern architecture are Ashekman’s urban canvases.

The artistic duo —Mohammed and Omar Kabbani, began their journey on the streets of Beirut in 2001.  Two street artists with a wild passion for Arabic graffiti, calligraphy, rap, and streetwear. Proud of their heritage and language, the Art-obsessed twins have been reviving their rich culture and roots through their love of art across all platforms.

Omar’s hidden gems