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September 29, 2017 / Kenya

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Do you use a Visa card to pay for your Uber rides? We’ve got news! With Uber, it’s possible to get a ride at the tap of a button – and, now we’re giving you more reason to ride!

We’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Visa to make your Uber rides even more rewarding! Ride with Uber and get every 6th Uber ride for free when paying for the first 5 rides with your Visa card – it’s that easy.

How? Simply pay for your Uber rides with your Barclays, National Bank of Kenya or Kenya Commercial Bank Visa card(s) and get every 6th ride free up to Ksh 1,000!

How to add a payment method:

  • Open the Uber app and select ‘Payment’ from the app menu
  • Tap ‘Add Payment Method’ and input your card details
  • Enjoy Ksh 1,000 off every 6th Uber ride when you pay with your Barclays, National Bank of Kenya or Kenya Commercial Visa card.

The Fine Print:

  • Every sixth completed ride taken in cities in Kenya where the Uber app is available using Visa cards (issued by Barclays, National Bank of Kenya or Kenya Commercial) as the payment option between 18/09/2017 and the end of 2/04/2018 will be discounted up to Ksh 1,000 in value when all previous 5 completed rides were paid for using your Visa card as the payment option.
  • The Visa card must be issued by either Barclays Bank, National Bank of Kenya or Kenya Commercial Bank.
  • If the sixth trip costs less than the maximum discount, the remaining amount cannot be rolled over.
  • If a sixth trip costs more than the maximum discount, you are liable to pay the remaining fare.
  • See here for full terms and conditions.

Card it and get free rides today.

  • Full Terms and Conditions