Celebrating Easter in Kenya

March 25, 2019 / Kenya

Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays in Kenya, making Easter weekend the perfect long weekend to celebrate with friends and family. Struggling for ideas? These are just a few of the ways we’ll be celebrating with our families this Easter in Nairobi and Mombasa:

Easter weekend in Nairobi

Whether you’re just coming from the other side of town or flying into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at the start of the weekend, Uber can get you to mom’s right in time to start the celebrations. Use the travel time saved to catch up with family and enjoy the nyama choma and ugali you ate last year when you came home for Easter.

For the largely Christian population of Kenya, Easter is about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Share this event in the church services, starting on Friday with the Stations of the Cross. Some churches have Saturday evening candle-lighting services, and Easter Sunday services are often celebrated at dawn.

Celebrating Easter

Let the kids explore

With the extended public holiday over Easter weekend, school’s out for the kids. And with us it’s easy to take them on an interesting trip just outside the city center. Why not visit the renowned Giraffe Center, a sanctuary for the endangered Rothschild giraffe? You can pet or hand-feed these majestic creatures.

Hikers? You can take the kids over to Karura Forest with its more than 50 kilometers of trails for an Easter hike or a family bike ride. With the forest’s diverse wildlife, featuring bush pigs, squirrels, reptiles, insects and butterflies, you can spend the morning teaching them more about the world around them.

But the Nairobi National Museum might be more to your taste: treat your family to a day of culture and history and spend Easter indulging your intellectual curiosity. Of course, along with the museum itself, there’s a botanical garden to enjoy, as well as shopping and dining for when you stop for lunch.

What about the adults?

When the children are asleep, Nairobi nightlife beckons. Fine dining, a club scene: there is much on offer.

Take a ride over to Thai Chi for some of Nairobi’s most delicious Thai food, with tasty tapas starters and zesty curries galore. If you want fine African dining, a ride to Le Palanka will do the trick. Whatever your palate desires, Nairobi has it on offer.

From there, the Easter Saturday night is all for the taking. Call your ride and enjoy the Nairobi nightlife. It’s good to know that when your evening is over, your ride home is just a few taps away.

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Easter on the beach

For a completely relaxing Easter weekend in Mombasa, Bamburi beach has it all: an unspoiled beach, tranquil waters and water sport activities from snorkeling to jet-skiing and fishing. The family-focused hotels all have their own pools with supervised care for your children.

Markets in Mombasa

Your Easter weekend trip must include exploring the wonderful markets on the island. Try something different: grab an uberPOA to the ferry and then discover Old Town – a journey into the history of this ancient city. Traditional clothing, jewelry and foodstuffs are available, as well as the latest fashion items.

Whichever of Kenya’s Uber cities you’re in for the Easter celebrations, there are plenty of different ways to enjoy the long weekend with family. Just remember that for any of your Easter weekend travel needs, we’re only a few taps away.