UberTOUR | L♥VE MILAN: dangerous relationships

February 13, 2017 / Milan

Milan is not the right place for romanticism. And neither for sentimental whispers. Here, love has always been intense, cynical, hidden and often extreme. This tour will show you how love can be red, yellow, or sometimes black. Love stories and passions have bright colours in Milan: here, you need to be equipped for love affairs as well!

1- PHOTOGRAPHY SPOT – Via San Paolo 10 (please walk to via San Paolo number 10)

Mercenary Love: From chic parlours to the pleasure tunnel 

In 1819, a group of gentlemen from Milan bought Palazzo Spinola, which became the seat of their Club called the Garden Society, a place where they could relax, far from their wives and their problems.

It is a true oasis, with a garden overlooked by a popular fencing room, one of the oldest in Europe, which is still used by great champions. Kings and grand dukes have been invited here for legendary parties and events; these luxurious rooms, decorated with marbles and stuccoes, of which the Golden Room is the most popular, have been visited by Carlo Porta, Balzac and Liszt. Stendhal also used to come here in search for relief from the pains of love, and here Radetzky discovered his strong but misunderstood love for Milan. It is still one of the most exclusive and most fancy clubs in the city.

* The story goes that during the last century there was a hidden passage between the Club and one of the most exclusive brothels in town, the San Pedron, in via San Pietro all’Orto no 3. The club members would change clothes – their real dress rigorously stored in the club – and go there in order to look for pleasure and to abandon themselves into the professional and daring hands of those ladies, well-known to be real experts in the art of love.


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2 – Forbidden love: The dark curse of the Nun of Monza


Passage – Platonic Love: from The Betrothed to Stendhal’s braces


Passage – Eros and Thanatos 1. Him vs her: Crime of honour


3 – PHOTOGRAPHY SPOT – Platonic Love: from The Betrothed to Stendhal’s braces


4 – PHOTOGRAPHY SPOT – Brera under the red lights: Love at the time of brothels.


Passage – Eros and Thanatos 2. Her vs him: The black widow

Passage – Love and illusion: when General Napoleon went crazy for Josephine


5- PHOTOGRAPHY SPOT – Pink love: a Capuchin style Flamingo road


6- FINAL SPOT – Lve Milan. The world in a room


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