How UBER charmed its 1st Italian city…

March 8, 2013 / Milan

In the city of fashion and design, where understated elegance and style defines its people, UBER fits right in! We started testing UBER during the craziness of Fashion Week, and it was clear that the Milanese crowed was looking for and in need of a new and super special transportation alternative. UBER was ready for them.

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After testing UBER out with the fashion crowd, and seeing the amazing excitement around it, today we’re proud to announce our official launch!  The reception with Italian journalists was awesome as they were finally ready to talk about something positive wakening up the city, with La Repubblica, La Stampa, Quattroruote, L’Huffington Post, Venture Village and many other blogs and influencers endorsing the app! We announced UBER in style with a VIP soirèe at one of the most exclusive restaurants in Milan, Terrazza Martini for our special initial supporters and guests. Starting today, UBER’s on demand personal driver service will be here for all Milanese to enjoy. Given its International Women’s Day today, we want to launch by celebrating all the woman of Milan and by letting you know we will be your best ally, with exclusive cars for those nights when you need to arrive at an event in style, a safe and reliable service that can pick up your teenage kids on their first nights out and an amazing way to get an extra bit of pampering on any given day.


If you’re not using UBER already, use the promo code ‘ubermilano’ to get €20 off your first ride and learn the thrill of arriving in style! Send us a note at with any feedback; we’d love to hear what you think.

Team @Uber_Milano