We welcome India’s decision to allow quarantine-free entry to vaccinated travelers from 99 countries and are looking forward to resuming helping foreign visitors experience the country.

With rapid progress in vaccination rates, and tourism for business and leisure fast recovering, cities are open and moving again. Even before this announcement, foreign visitors to India were increasing as NRIs returned to see family and other countries’ relaxed travel restrictions.

According to our data, international travelers from 63 countries have used Uber in India in October 2021, up from 49 countries in May 2021. The top five non-Indian nationalities taking Uber rides in October 2021 were the United States, United Kingdom, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Canada. 

According to our data, even with current restrictions, trips to and from airports saw 31 percent growth in October 2021 over the previous month, making it the fastest-growing segment for Uber India.  The top five cities for trips to and from the airport via Uber are Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.

To encourage travel and boost rider confidence, we have stepped up our efforts to enhance safety for all. We introduced a comprehensive set of Covid safety features including a Go-Online Checklist, a ‘no mask, no ride’ policy, tech-enabled pre-trip mask verification selfies for both riders, and invested in educating drivers about COVID protocol. Nearly 300,000 drivers on our platform are now vaccinated as part of our INR 18.5 crore initiative to compensate drivers for the time spent in getting the vaccine shots.