As India battles a fierce second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, mass vaccination is key to tackling the crisis.

Today, we’re announcing an INR 18.5 crore (USD 2.5 million) initiative to compensate the first batch of 150,000 Car, Auto and Moto drivers on the platform for time spent in getting their shots.

Our drive is aimed at telling drivers they’re not alone in their battle against COVID-19. All drivers showing valid digital vaccination certificates will be eligible for INR 400 for each of their two shots. Drivers who’re able to show they’ve been vaccinated before April 30 will also be able to claim the funds.  

We will soon begin communicating this initiative to drivers across all our product lines and encourage them to take up the offer.

The vaccination drive is the latest addition to our COVID-19 response in India. In March this year, we pledged INR 10 Crores worth of free rides to help people get to and from the nearest vaccine center. This year alone, we have facilitated 9,000 free online medical consultations for drivers and their families through DocsApp.

Since the early days of the pandemic, Uber has been providing financial assistance for up to 14 days to drivers who are diagnosed with COVID-19, or have been asked to self-isolate by a public health authority.  

From April to June 2020, the Uber Care Driver Fund disbursed grants to approximately 100,000 drivers.