India’s devastating second wave of COVID has seen demand for Uber Connect, our package delivery service, triple in May.  

Many people have been using the service to transport essentials like grocery, non-prescription medication, medical devices, and care packages to family and loved ones.

At Uber, we believe in supporting our communities during challenging times like these which is why we’re doubling the number of two-wheelers deployed for Uber Connect to help meet this increasing customer demand. 

Good Samaritans across the country have been relying on Uber Connect to deliver essentials and home cooked meals to COVID impacted communities. 

Cov-Aid, a Kolkata based citizen support initiative has been using Uber Connect to deliver meals to COVID positive patients in home isolation and till date has successfully delivered 1045 free meal boxes to over 50 families. 

Speaking about the initiative, Sneh Yadav, Founder of Cov-Aid, said, “In these unprecedented times, Cov-Aid’s mission is to provide meal services to those affected by COVID and through Uber Connect, we have managed to deliver food swiftly and efficiently to numerous individuals and families in Kolkata. Our objective is to bridge the gap between available resources and the needy in these chaotic times. Uber Connect is connecting those who need help with ones who can provide it like us, truly living up to its name.”

Increased consumer demand for Uber’s package delivery service also augurs well for driver partners as Uber can continue to create renewed earning opportunities on its platform.

Pawan Kumar Sharma, Uber Connect Driver Partner based in Delhi NCR, said, “As a result of the lockdown, my daily earnings were next to nothing but Uber Connect offered me an alternate solution and I could continue to earn a living to support my family. The second wave of COVID has been difficult for everyone and I feel very proud that I can be of service to people who have been impacted by COVID, even if it’s just delivering essentials and care packages to them.”

The two-wheeler delivery service, which was launched in May last year during the nationwide lockdown, is now available across 26 cities including Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chennai, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, and Chandigarh among others.

For more details on the service, you can visit our Newsroom Post.