In late March, in the early stages of the pandemic, we launched UberMedic to provide our frontline healthcare workers with safe, reliable and efficient transportation. Today, at Day #92, as we draw the curtain on the service, I’m pleased to see the impact and scale of our efforts.

Twenty nine cities, 19 states, 62 healthcare organisation partnerships, 25 Policy and CMO partnerships, 1300+ drivers, and 260K driving hours later, we can proudly say that UberMedic helped bridge an important mobility gap in the midst of a nationwide lockdown. 

Our healthcare workers are the real heroes of the pandemic, and we’re pleased we could help hundreds of healthcare workers travel to hospitals, and back to their families, everyday for the past 3 months.

We’ve been touched by all the appreciation and support we have received from our partner organizations like Safdarjung Hospital and Ram Manohar Lohia in Delhi, General Hospital Ernakulam in Kerala, and Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, amongst many others. We are also deeply thankful for all the love we have received for our 280K free trips pledge to the National Health Authority (NHA) and other city and state governments across the country for transport frontline healthcare workers.

The incredible grit and dedication of UberMedic’s 1,300+ drivers, as well as their service to the nation, warms our hearts every day. For Delhi-based drivers like Pooja Kumari who has been transporting critical non-COVID patients to hospitals, money alone is not the motivation. What pushes her and others to go back on the roads again, is the belief that their contribution is helping mobilise critical patients and healthcare workers in the middle of a pandemic, and that Uber has their back when it comes to their personal safety.

As always, our teams continue to work around the clock to do everything we can to support the communities we serve. We’re committed to keeping you informed of our ongoing plans, and we’ll share more updates in the weeks to come.