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Could cash payments possibly be eating up your time?

October 11, 2019 / India

When you’re rushing to go somewhere, every minute counts. And cash payments? They usually extend your arrival. Either you’re stuck looking for change, or you have to stop by at an ATM on the way.

That’s why it’s best to pay online! Link your card, Paytm or UPI with your Uber account and imagine all the time it’ll save you in the future. Then every time a trip ends, you can open the door, walk out, and the payment will get done online! 


Use promo code UBPAYTM3 to get 50% off up to Rs.50* on 3 rides, when you pay via Paytm.

Use promo code UBGPAY4 to get 50% off up to Rs.50* on 3 Uber rides when you pay via Google Pay

Add a new MasterCard and get 50% off up to Rs.75* on 3 Uber rides, when you pay via Mastercard. No promo code required.

Use code UBAXIS1 and get 25% off up to Rs.100 on 5 Uber rides, when you pay via Axis Bank Credit Card.

Get 4% unlimited cashback on Uber rides when you pay via Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card.
Apply for a Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card here.

Follow these simple steps to set up your payment profile online:



  1. Fire up the Uber app
  2. Select to open the main menu
  3. Tap ‘Payment’
  4. Select ‘Add payment method’
  5. Select your preferred payment method. (You can choose from a list of UPI, Credit or debit card, Google Pay, JioMoney or Paytm)
  6. Payment method added? You’re good to go!

Don’t worry, it’s completely safe! If you’ve added your card details, you will be asked to complete the payment just the way you do whenever you pay online. Just make sure you do it before your next trip. 





Follow these simple steps to apply promo code

To unlock our special promos, all you have to do is apply the code to your Uber account with these simple steps:

  1. Go to the main menu of the app
  2. Click on ‘Payment’
  3. On the ‘Promotions’ section, click on ‘Add Promo/Gift Code’
  4. Type the code and click ‘ADD‘ (it is not case-sensitive)
  5. Your promo would automatically apply when you take a relevant trip
  6. To check, click on ‘Promotions’


Save time, pay online!