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The best destinations in the country to catch the Cricket World Cup

June 4, 2019 / India

In a country that lives and breathes cricket, how can there not be sanctuaries honouring the most revered game in the nation. We have curated the best spots in the country to catch the ICC Cricket World Cup live.

 And what’s a game of cricket if you aren’t cheering together with your friends, celebrating victories and lamenting losses with fantastic food and something to soothe your throats. What’s more, this time, no matter who you support, you will win with Uber.

How, you ask? Every time you ride an Uber, you score runs, win rewards and may be even win a trip to England. So, gather your troops, ready your crew and just ‘Uber it’ to these stunning locations. Flash your Uber receipt and unlock exclusive perks, curated just for you. 

Top spots to watch the Cricket World Cup in your city: