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Meet Our Latest Sixth Star Winners: Driver-Partners Who Go Above And Beyond

August 25, 2015 / India

Everyday driver partners on the Uber platform work hard to seamlessly and efficiently move people around their cities. In the chaos of everyday life and getting all our riders from point A to point B, driver partners ensure you have a 5 star experience with Uber from returning your lost items – from phones to jewellery, while others have gone out of their way to ensure you catch your flight on time!.

In the midst of all this – we have driver partners who have truly gone above and beyond and deserve something more than a 5 star rating. Uber and American Express are excited to honour these incredible driver partners with our “Sixth Star Award” program.

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Naveen Chander
Driver Partner| Bangalore


Uber rider Neha was heading to work when she started to feel ill. Her driver, Naveen offered her some water, but when Neha’s condition didn’t get any better, she became scared that she might have the symptoms of a stroke. Naveen volunteered to buy her coconut water and turned the air conditioning on in the car to help her arms regain feeling, since they had started to feel numb. All the while, he remained calm, even helping Neha call her fiancé when her hands were too shaky to use her phone.

“I have two daughters and when the rider felt uneasy, I just felt that I should do what I could to try and make her feel better and calm. I saw my daughter in her.” -Naveen

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Gordhan Yadav
Driver Partner| Jaipur


Gordhan Yadav is the recipient of the award for maintaining the highest rating over 2000 trips.

“I was really happy to find out that I won this award, especially being only the second person in India to have won it. My family will be extremely happy when I tell them about this.”- Gordhan.
We receive stories like this every day. The Sixth Star Award recognizes people like Naveen and Gordhan, who go beyond moving you from point A to point B.

We receive stories like this every day. The Sixth Star Award recognises people like Naveen and Gordhan, who go beyond moving you from point A to point B.