Presenting UberSITAARE’s Artshaala

October 30, 2017 / Mumbai

Every day our driver-partners work tirelessly to drive Mumbai. And as they take you places,  they’re constantly driven by the aspirations of their children. So, to help our driver-partners take their children’s aspirations forward, we’ve launched UberSITAARE in association with good folks at Camlin and Smaaash.

The first destination of this journey was Artshaala.

Through Artshaala, the children painted their dreams, ‘Apna Sapna’ on a blank canvas with the colouring kits provided by Camlin. This art competition was held for age groups from 4 years to 16 years. 9 winners were selected and awarded gift hampers from Smaaash. Here are some of the creations of these little artists:


Together, we spent an amazing day filled with joy, laughter, and magic. The beaming faces of our driver-partners and their children said it all.

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