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Hop onto a MOTO during early morning and late night hours

February 19, 2018 / New Delhi

Starting your day really early? Or traveling back home after a long day? We have got you covered! In an effort to continue connecting riders in Gurgaon to the people and places they love, we’re now available from 6AM to 11PM.

Looking for that extra pick me up in the morning? Kick that early morning grogginess and start embracing the light with MOTO rides starting as early as 6AM  

Heading back from work or out to dinner with friends? Close your day on a good note with affordable MOTO rides all the way till 11PM

So whether you are riding to the office for an early morning meeting or catching the metro back home from the nearest station late in the night, you can simply fire up the Uber app, request a MOTO and off you go! It is probably the easiest way to get around your neighborhood and is the perfect use of technology to make life friction-free.

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