Ride to Chandigarh in just ₹2299

May 17, 2018 / New Delhi

Need to head to Chandigarh? We’ve got something for you.

While we all wait for the Chandigarh Airport to re-open next month, we’ve made Uber trips from Delhi NCR to Chandigarh a lot more affordable.

For the next 2 weeks, pay just ₹2299 for Uber Go, ₹2599 for Uber Premier and ₹3599 for Uber XL rides. With door-to-door pickup, a comfortable road trip in AC cars and affordable fares, there is no better way to reach Chandigarh than to just Uber it!

How to book a ride

  • Enter your exact destination in Chandigarh under 'Where to?'
  • Select GO for hatchback, PREMIER for sedan or XL for SUV and click on 'Request'
  • Pay in cash to the driver at the end of your trip
  • Pay tolls & parking charges to your driver in cash separately as they are not included in the fare

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Request when you are ready

You will be matched with a driver as soon as you request. In case of cancellations more than 5 minutes after requesting, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Know your fare

  1. Your fare has to be paid in cash only.
  2. Your fare does not include tolls and parking charges. These have to be paid to the driver separately in cash.
  3. On Uber Go, pay only ₹2299 for 270km and 5 hours 30 minutes. You will be charged ₹10 per additional km and ₹1.5 per additional minute.
  4. On Uber Premier, pay only ₹2599 for 270km and 5 hours 30 minutes. You will be charged ₹11 per additional km and ₹1.5 per additional minute.
  5. On Uber XL, pay only ₹3599 for 270km and 5 hours 30 minutes. You will be charged ₹14 per additional km and ₹2.5 per additional minute.

Enter correct destination

To ensure that your fare remains the same as the one displayed upfront, enter correct destination before requesting and do not deviate from the route suggested by navigation.

Discounts will not apply in case the destination is changed or a different route is taken.