Jaldi ho toh uberMOTO

December 4, 2017 / New Delhi

Whether it’s about beating the morning traffic or getting home from the nearest metro station, MOTO is an experience like no other. With fares starting at ₹20, your most affordable ride option in Gurgaon, Noida or Ghazaibad is here. 

Simply request for MOTO, wait for your driver to arrive & strap on your orange helmet to be ready to go. 

3 ways you can win with MOTO

1. Save time

Ever wondered how you’d make it for that early morning meeting? With MOTO, now you can beat the traffic and stay on time.


2. Save money

With fares starting at ₹20, it’s time to keep all that change handy because now it can pay for your last mile commute too.


3. Have fun

There’s nothing like an open road and the wind in your face. It’s just not the same with all the windows rolled down.

How it works
  1. Open the Uber app and enter your destination
  2. Select the MOTO option and request for a ride
  3. Your driver’s details will show straight away – name, photo and the details of the motorbike
  4. All riders and drivers have to wear a helmet in by law. So your MOTO driver will have one handy for you!
  5. At the end of the trip, you can pay by the payment method of your choice


 “Is that it?”, you ask. It sure is. We did tell you this was going to be easy and quick.