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#DecongestIndia has arrived

July 20, 2017 / New Delhi

  • In a span of just 6 years, the average traffic speed in Delhi has fallen from 40km/h to 22km/h and is expected to fall to 5km/h
  • By 2021, it is estimated that the capacity of Delhi’s roads will be exceeded on most routes and major junctions
  • 14% of all urban land in Delhi is taken up by parking space

#DecongestIndia is a nationwide effort by Uber to identify and curb the causes of congestion in India, starting with the capital city. #DecongestDelhi aims to use ride-sharing to make a difference to a city which moves like a jam and looks like a parking lot.


POOL matches you with people headed in the same direction, allowing more people to use fewer cars. Did you know the longest POOL chain in Delhi was 9 riders long? 1 out of 3 Uber rides taken in Delhi are POOL rides and 40% of all new riders have their first Uber experience on POOL.

Managing private ownership

Private vehicles are severely underutilized in Delhi, with cars being parked for 95% of time. Over a million riders in Delhi have chosen to take a POOL at least once, which helps reduce the dependence on parking space and has helped increase the utilization of vehicles by 15-18%.

One POOL ride can replace between 9 to 13 owned vehicles. Uber connects riders with drivers, helping reduce the need for private car ownership. While using Uber, riders avoid the hassle of finding parking space while simultaneously helping reduce the amount of parking space required.

Taking a POOL instead of an individual car has saved 19,901,000 vehicle kilometers in Delhi which is nearly 500 trips around the earth. This helps save fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which means lesser air pollution.

Uber is helping create a future with more people in fewer cars, fewer people owning cars and thereby fewer cars on the road.

POOL complements public transport 

Moreover Uber aims to complement public transport rather than replace it. Not everyone lives near a metro station but Uber brings public transportation closer to people by providing an affordable and reliable way to cover the last mile.

In Gurugram, 1 out of 4 MOTO trips is to or from the metro Stations.

Decongestion is also good for your wallet 

POOL does all of this while helping you save money. Riders have collectively saved close to Rs. 75,00,0000 by taking POOL so far. 

What’s better –  Delhiites can take a POOL ride for as low as Flat Rs. 49 for up to 8 kms. Take a POOL and do your bit for the city

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