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WFH = Works For Her

March 7, 2021 / India

The world has seen few years like 2020, but the new normal also has a silver lining. Ever since remote-working became the new normal, several women have had the opportunity to start working again. 

Joining the workforce could become a possibility for 11 million Indian women if WFH continues to be an option for them.1 And with flexible hours or select work days, over 100 million Indian women with secondary degrees, could potentially find employment. 2

Our efforts towards making every opportunity within her reach

  1. Uber employees can opt for flexible work timings and locations, based on their job roles and personal circumstances.
  2. We’re enabling other employers to make remote-working an option: 
    Uber through its Uber for Business offering is committed to helping all employees, especially women, ride with safety. We’re extending our Uber Executive experience to those employers making opportunities #WithinHerReach.

What we can do as employers

While posting jobs on recruiting sites or the classifieds section, mention if these jobs can be accessed remotely, so that more women can apply for them. Make flexi-time or select work days a forever-option for her, even when the world is free to move.

What we can do as individuals:

Join our panel discussion ‘Remote working – a route to gender equality at the workplace’, in partnership with YourStory, on March 11th.

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Understand why work-from-home works for her, with these stories. 

This International Women’s Day and beyond, let’s create awareness and conversation about how we can make every opportunity #WithinHerReach

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