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5 places in Delhi NCR, just an Uber away

June 21, 2017 / New Delhi

The weather is good and the time is right to make hay while the gentle sun shines.

We bring to you a trickle of what the city has to offer. All of the following places are just an Uber ride away.



Riddle: A great season for food & a walk down one of the busiest streets of the old city conjures up a delight. What delight & where?

Answer: A Ramzan food walk through Old Delhi (Near Chandi Chowk station) 

When: June 24, 6-9pm


Riddle: This international day, otherwise celebrated on 21st June has found takers throughout this week to propagate the art of mental, physical & emotional well-being. What is this art and what is the best place to practice it this weekend? 

Answer: Yoga & Lodi Gardens

When: June 25, 8-9:15am


Riddle: A city favourite completes 2 years of reveling its audience. This weekend, they celebrate in style through a tribute-gig from a band called the Copycats, for a wildly popular British rock band who visited India recently. Name this hot-spot?

Answer: TabulaBeach Café

When: June 23, 7:30pm-1am


Riddle: A famous stand-up comedian is going to 'rant his pants out' in Sector 28, Gurugram this weekend. Picked up the hint? Who are we talking about?

Answer: Sorabh Pant

When: June 23, 9pm


Riddle: If any aspect of industrial or product design interests you, an exhibition billed the Design Show 2017 is being hosted by students of an academic institution to reckon with. Name this institution?

Answer: IIT Delhi

When: June 24-28, 10am-7pm

Don’t forget to take an UberHIRE as you hop through these in Delhi NCR, effortlessly. An UberHIRE will stay with you no matter the number of stops.

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