Your Ride Package in Mumbai

October 31, 2017 / Mumbai

Choose your package based on your everyday travel needs and pay an activation fee to lock in low uberGO flat fares for 30 days in Mumbai.

#ProTip: Make sure you have sufficient balance in your PayTM wallet before purchasing the Ride Package of your choice!

  Package for 20 rides Package for 30 rides
Activation fee Rs 199 Rs 249
Package duration 30 days 30 days
Flat fare per ride Rs 149 Rs 149
Redemption limit  20 rides  30 rides
Max Fare Cap Rs 375  Rs 375


Frequently asked questions

Q1. How is my fare calculated?

The final fare is calculated on the basis of the total fare for your ride:

  • If your total fare is ever less than Rs 149, we’ll charge you the minimum of the two amounts
  • If your total fare is greater than Rs 149 but less than the max fare cap amount of Rs 375, you will be charged only Rs 149
  • If your total fare is over the max fare cap amount of Rs 375, then you will still save, but the amount over the max fare cap will be added to the flat fare amount of Rs 149

For example, if your total fare is Rs 425, the additional amount over the max fare cap will be added to your flat fare. That means Rs425 – Rs375 = Rs 50 will be added to your flat fare of Rs 149. Hence, your total fare will be Rs 149 + Rs 50 = Rs 199

Please note that the wait time charges will be over and above the final fare.

Q2. What packages are currently available?

Choose from different ride packages to unlock flat fare rides at Rs 149. Go to the ‘Ride Pass’ section in your Uber app to find the available options. Flat fare rides are valid for 30 days after purchase. 

Q3. Are flat fares available everywhere?

Currently, flat fares are only available in Mumbai and your specific ride package is only valid within the city service area. 

Q4. What payment methods can I use to purchase my ride package?

Currently,  you can buy the pass only using your Paytm wallet. However, you can pay your actual ride redemption using any payment method of your choice.

Q5. Do flat fares apply on all ride options?

For now, flat fares are only applicable on uberGO rides. However, flat fares will not be applicable if you take a detour or change destination after the trip is requested.

Q6. Where and when can I ride with flat fares prices?

You can ride anywhere within the city, anytime, up to your ride limit.

Q7. Can I track my flat fare usage?

You can track how many flat fare rides you’ve used, how many rides you have left, and how many more days you have to use your rides in the app. Navigate to the Ride Pass section in the menu.

Q8. Can I buy more than one package?

There is a limit of one package per rider per city. Once you buy it your pass will be valid for 30 days. Any new flat fares packages will not be valid until your existing flat fare package expires.

Q9. Can I get a refund for my Ride Package?

Currently, refunds are not available on Ride Packages. Once you purchase your Ride Package, it will be valid for 30 days.

Q10. Are Ride Packages available to all riders?

Currently, only a limited number of Ride Packages are available to select riders. We are working hard to bring this to all riders. 

Q11. Are flat fares applicable on rides scheduled in advance?

Currently, flat fares are not applicable on scheduled rides.


  • Terms and Conditions: Ride Package