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Driving change – say no to unnecessary honking

December 11, 2017 / Mumbai

As cities in Maharashtra continue to grow and evolve in population and infrastructure, we want to continue being advocates of change in serving our cities better–be it through reduced traffic congestion and pollution or accessible mobility.

Today, we’re taking a stand against excessive honking and extending our support to the Maharashtra Transport Department’s ‘Horn Not Okay Please’ initiative. As a part of this drive, we’re reaching out to our community of riders and drivers in Maharashtra, asking them to pledge and ‘Say No’ to unnecessary honking.

Horn etiquette that goes a long way

Exercise sound judgement whilst using your horn – sometimes a ‘quick beep’ is all that’s necessary to get the attention of another driver.  A long, drawn out, annoying honk is not your ‘I’m unhappy button’.  Not only does using your horn in anger fix the problem, but it also charges up the emotions of everyone else on the road, causing a potential increase in unsafe, aggressive driving.

Instead, use your horn for driver safety purposes. It’s okay to honk your horn when:

  • A driver is drifting into your lane
  • A driver is about to back into your car in a parking lot
  • A pedestrian is unknowingly walking into a dangerous location
  • A driver is about to hit someone who’s unknowingly run a stop sign or traffic light

Come, take a stand with us today and spread the work to lay off the horn.