Weekends in Mumbai off the beaten path

July 14, 2017 / Mumbai

Already brainstorming about what do this weekend? Here’s this weekend’s guide of Mumbai’s off-the-beaten-path curated by The City Story. 



Food Truck Park Launch

Make your way to the city's first food truck park in the heart of Bandra on opening day. Turn James Cunningham as you sample your way through 10 food trucks in your own version of Eat Street, and if you are a home cook or entrepreneur, look over the stalls wherein you can set up shop.

Le Joi Mai

Head over to the museum to watch a classic portrayal of Paris in May. Listen to citizens, stockbrokers, architects and see families showing off their new homes – all against the stunning landscapes and idiosyncratic details of the city – during the first period of peace in France since 1939.



Come together for a day long culinary journey with an olfactory twist. Begin the day with Bombay Perfumery’s Manan Gandhi and learn to build your signature scent through food ingredients. Then settle down for some insightful conversations with leading food authors at the launch of Gather Journal, a Brooklyn based food magazine.


Blind Book Date

Set yourself up for a blind date with the ever-charming world of words. Walk around paperbacks and hardcovers, draped in brown paper, uncover the hints and grab a seat with your match.

Mumbai Documentary Festival

Book a seat at this month-long festival that will showcase award-winning international and Indian documentaries on music, camera, art, and cinema. This week, catch the gripping political documentary Weiner and James Marsh's masterfully recreation of Philippe Petit's 1974 stunt in Man on Wire.

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