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Nostalgia at the tap of a button

November 11, 2017 / Mumbai

Remember Tinkle comics, Kismi toffees, Phantom sweet cigarettes, audio cassettes? We remember too! This Children’s day, take a ride down the memory lane with us and truly enjoy your childhood favourites from the glorious 90’s. For the ones who can’t relate, here’s your chance to discover! #BackToThe90s

The perfect throwback – nostalgic Uber rides

We’ve partnered with the good folks at to bring back the cars that ruled the 90’s – Contessa, NE118, Ambassador, Maruti 800, Padmini. Fire up your Uber app on Children’s day and request for a joy ride in one of these iconic cars.

Memories in a box

Because a simple joy ride isn’t enough and we want to leave you overwhelmed with emotions, we’re throwing in some memories with specially curated collectibles from the 90’s – Tinkle comics, Kismi toffees, Phantom sweet cigarettes, audio cassettes, movie posters, slam books and more.


Your time-table and homework for the day



  1. Open your Uber app
  2. Request for a nostalgic experience from the ‘Nostalgia’ icon
  3. This experience will be available only in Mumbai and Pune, on November 14 from 1 pm to 3 pm
  4. If connected, you’ll get a chance to enjoy the 90’s car and receive your own hamper
  5. Demand will be high and availability of the experiences will be limited. We’ll try our best bring some nostalgia your way.


That’s all. This class is over! To all of you missing the innocent beauty of our childhood days, take time off to celebrate the child in you. Come reminisce nostalgia with us, at the tap of a button.  


Happy Children’s Day 🙂


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