Understanding upfront fares

July 18, 2017 / Mumbai

We at Uber are always trying to give you the best ride experience possible. With upfront fares, you know how much you need to pay before you take the ride. However, your final fare may sometimes differ from the upfront fare in certain circumstances

What is upfront fare?

Upfront fare is the estimated amount shown to you before you book the ride. Fares are calculated using the expected time and distance of the trip and local traffic, as well as how many riders and nearby drivers are using Uber at that moment. The fare is completely inclusive of service tax and toll charges.

What to watch out for:

Fare change due to incorrect pick up or drop off location

Upfront fares are calculated basis your exact pickup and drop off locations. Your final fare will vary from the fares you see upfront in case your pick up or drop off location is different from what you entered before requesting your Uber.

Fare change due to longer route and changed destination

When you know exactly where you’re headed, it helps us get you there efficiently. If you get dropped off away from the destination entered in the app or change your destination mid-way or ask your driver to take a longer route, your fare may change. For a cash trip, tender cash as per the final fare reflected on the driver’s app.

Fare change due to multiple pickups

When calculating upfront fare, we only take into account your own pickup and the drop off location. If you pick up friends or family and deviate from the predicted route, it is likely that the final fare will change.

Outstanding Arrear (Cash trips only)

If you have outstanding arrears from your previously cancelled trip, you will be charged that fee in addition to the upfront price for the current trip. To avoid confusion, always pay what you see on your driver partner’s app.

In case of a fare dispute, reach out to us through the help section within your Uber app. #UberOn

To know more about Upfront Fare, you can read these Q&A below:

Q. Upfront fare did not include tolls. Do I have to pay toll charges separately?
A. There may be instances where the upfront fare did not predict a toll but the driver crossed the toll. In such cases, if the driver’s app does not show toll as part of the fare, please pay the toll charges additionally.

Q: Is the fare completely fixed, what if we have a promo code?
A: The final fare shown upfront is inclusive of any promo applicable on particular ride. Eg: If you have a promo code applicable only on uberX rides, the upfront fare for uberX will be inclusive of the promo amount redeemable on the ride.

Q: Why would upfront fares change on uberPOOL?
A: Upfront fares will change in all the scenarios listed above in case you book POOL/GO/X or XL. Additionally, if you negotiate the order of drop off with your driver or co-rider in your uberPOOL ride, upfront fares may not hold valid.