Save Rs 300 on rides with Paytm

March 15, 2018 / Mumbai

The most convenient way to pay on Uber is also the most affordable. Sounds great, right? Enjoy 50% off, upto ₹75 on your next 4 Uber rides. All you have to do is make Paytm your default payment method.

Use code


& get 50% off, upto Rs 75 on your next 4 rides using Paytm as the payment option!

How it works:
  1. Fire up your Uber app & apply promo PAYTM2018.
  2. Make Paytm your default payment method whenever you are riding with Uber.
    1. Go to ‘Payment’ on the main menu
    2. Add ‘Payment method’
    3. Choose Paytm
    4. Enter your details & save them
  3. Request an Uber & get 50% off (upto Rs 75) on your next 4 rides. 

So, get riding and enjoy discounts on your Uber rides!

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