Something for everyone this weekend in Mumbai

July 21, 2017 / Mumbai

Mumbai has always had plenty to offer history buffs, culture aficionados, food lovers and entertainment seekers. Especially with monsoons in full-throttle, there is truly no shortage of events to get you out of your house and enjoy the weather. Just for you this weekend, we’ve teamed up with The City Story to round up an all-inclusive list of things to do in Mumbai. 

Food and drink

1. Sushi workshop

No less than an art form, the Japanese sushi takes years to master. Start the journey towards bite-sized goodness by learning the basics of Makizushi or maki sushi, sharpen your knife skills and even add the famous yakitori skewers to your repertoire in this hands-on workshop.

Where: July 21 at Flavour Diaries, Khar West

2. Beer and Burger festival

Indulge in handcrafted brews and a curated burger menu at the 10th edition of Woodside Inn’s annual festival. Raise your glass to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, two separate yet complementary beers specially crafted along with the Gateway Brewing Company.

Where: Woodside Inn outlets

3. Alps Beer

In a narrow Colaba bylane is Alps, a restaurant and bar with a greasy food menu and chilled, cheap beer. It’s located well enough – right behind the Taj and around the corner from Bademiya – to be accessible, but also hidden well enough to always have tables available when you need to step out of the crowds of Colaba Causeway. In some ways, Alps is like Café Universal’s cooler, hipper, young(ish) sibling.

Where: Alps Beer, Colaba

Art and culture

1. Archi Sketch

Try your hands at live sketching with Vibgyor’s new initiative. Start off by capturing the architectural grandeur of Bhau Daji Lad museum. In the process, learn quick hand movements and free line formations.

Where: Bhau Daji Lad museum, Byculla

2. Read ‘n’ Share Free Library

Read ‘n’ Share Free Library has books for fiction and non-fiction readers as well as children. They currently stock books in English and books can be borrowed for one week at a time. The library is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. Their collection is a mixture of something for everyone: you’ve got your Gandhian autobiography, your pretty standard anytime crime book, unforgettable classics, and some customary self-help books, but you also have a coffee table read about an Indian female artist.

Where: Read ‘n’ Share Free Library, Bhandup west

3. Pluto drone workshop

Build a palm-sized quadrotor with Arnab Puri and set it soaring in the skies. Learn the basic mechanics as well as troubleshooting, speed and angles to manoeuvre the craft deftly.

Where: IIT Bombay, Powai


1. Bomanjee Hormarjee Wadia Clock Tower

Built in 1882, the Bomanjee Hormarjee Wadia Clock Tower at Fort had fallen into disrepair in recent times – the clock face was shattered and its hands stolen. In 2016, the Kala Ghoda Association commissioned conservation architect Vikas Dilawari to restore the clock tower to it’s former glory.  The clock moves on and time pushes forward, but the Wadia Clock Tower stands sentinel-like, reminiscent of a time gone-by.

Where: Bomanjee Hormarjee Wadia Clock Tower, Fort 


1. Kayal Gatha

Watch Kumar Shahani’s homage to the Khayal tradition of singing in Khayal Gatha. Travel through time and space with the protagonist via folk tales and ballads of lost love such as Rani Rupmati-Baaz Bahadur and Heer-Ranjha.

Where: TARQ Gallery, Colaba

2. EIC Making Shit up

Laugh your way to the weekend with East India Comedy’s new act. Roll over as the frontrunners of Indian comic scene pull out jokes out of nowhere and amuse with their general stupidity.

Where: G5A foundation for Contemporary Culture, Off Dr. E. Moses Road


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