Introducing uberHIRE in Kolkata. Many destinations, one Uber.

September 14, 2017 / Kolkata

UberHIRE is a new kind of Uber that allows you to request a car on-demand for 3 hours and extend all the way up to 8 hours! It’s the perfect, economical and convenient travel option for Pujo enthusiasts to go Pandal hopping, senior citizens who need to make trips with multiple stop overs, or business travellers who have multiple meetings.

Exclusively for uberHIRE: No dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing will not apply on your uberHIRE fare! Make as many stops as you like and pay a minimum fare of Rs.749 in cash to the driver at the start of your trip. Rs.749 covers your uberHIRE trip for 3 hours, or upto 30km. If your trip exceeds either of these, the distance or minute fare will apply. So remember to keep your cash handy!

uberHIRE fare structure

Minimum fare (up to 30 kms or 3 hrs) Rs.749
Distance fare (after 30 kms) Rs.11/km
Per minute fare (after 3hrs)  Rs.3/min

Sample fare estimates

Business Meetings


3 hours / 30 kms  Rs. 749


Pandal Hopping with family


4 hours / 30 kms  Rs. 920


 How this works:

  1. Open the Uber app
  2. Enter your destination
  3. Swipe to the UberHIRE product view and request the ride
  4. Riders will see the drivers details straight away – name, photo and the details of the car
  5. Trips are cash only  – pay your driver the minimum fare of INR 749 at the start of your trip
  6. Enjoy your UberHIRE ride – pay the balance fare in cash at the end of the trip



Do I need to enter a destination?

  • You can enter your final destination in case you have multiple places to visit. In case of multiple stops, you may communicate the same to the driver-partner.

Are the city limits different for UberHIRE?

  • The city limits remain the same as uberGO and uberX.

When are the timings for when uberHIRE is available?

  • UberHire is available from 6AM to 9PM on all days. However, there will be special timings (24×7) for Durga Puja week  (25 Sep to 1st October) so you can enjoy Pandal hopping!

What are the cancellation charges?

  • You can cancel your car without any cost within 5 minutes of booking, post which you will be charged Rs 80.

How do I pay for tolls & parking charges?

  • Tolls and parking charges will not be calculated in your fare and need to be paid additionally where applicable. 
  • Toll included at Airport, Howrah Station, Vidyasagar Setu

Can I schedule UberHIRE?

  • Unfortunately, not at the moment.