AC Taxis now at the tap of a button !

April 26, 2018 / Kolkata

Uber is excited to announce the launch of its latest product offering in Kolkata – uberTAXI ! These AC Taxis are the classic blue & white no-refusal cabs that will enable you to zip around Kolkata at affordable fares. Riders receive driver and taxi details just as they do for existing Uber rides along with standard safety features before, during, and after the ride including GPS tracking, two-way feedback and the ability to share trip details with family and friends.

Just open the Uber app, request for your uberTAXI and get a ride within minutes !

Wondering how affordable it can get? Take a look at these indicative fares on uberTAXI.

  • Esplanade to Alipore: Rs 105-111
  • Bara Bazaar to Ballygunge: Rs 123-129
  • Dalhousie to Southern Avenue: Rs 123-129
  • Dalhousie to Alipore: Rs 97-102
  • Esplanade to Ballygunge: Rs 107-112

How it works:

  1. To ride, select uberTAXI on your Uber app, enter your pickup location and hit request. Don’t forget to see the fare estimate before your ride
  2. Pay for rides with cash, e-wallets or credit/debit card
  3. Get a hassle-free ride within minutes

Fare structure for uberTAXI:

Per Km 15
Per min 0.24
Minimum Fare 52
Pickup Charge 20
Cancellation fee 35


1.What is a pickup charge? 

The pick up charge of ₹20 is the amount collected from the rider and paid to the driver in lieu of him getting to your destination and waiting for you to begin your ride

2. Which fare to follow- physical meter or in-app calculation?

You need not follow the physical meter calculation, if any. Uber App will use the same fare structure and calculate your trip fare, inclusive of the pickup charge, which needs to be paid

3.Which payment methods are accepted?

All payment methods including cash, Paytm, UPI, credit and debit card are accepted

4. Is there any limitation to the service area for these TAXIs?

uberTAXI will follow the same service area as uberGO