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Kochi, pay 40% less with UberPool.

March 25, 2019 / India

Hey Kochi! Compared to a normal UberGo ride, UberPool can be up to 40% more affordable. Don’t believe us? Enter your destination in the app and see the difference. Just tap a button, and get a ride in a matter of minutes. Not only will it be a reliable, pocket friendly way to get around town, but you’ll get to meet new people too!

How does UberPool work?

How: When you book an UberPool ride on your app, you get assigned a ride that is already heading in the same direction as you. The fare gets split amongst the number of passengers in the car. You can pay at the end of the ride in cash or choose to go cashless.

Who: You can book a maximum of 2 seats per pick up.

Cost: The upfront fare you’re shown at request is guaranteed whether you’re matched or not – no surprises! The minimum fare for each trip will be ₹30.


UberPool like a pro

  1. Make sure that your pick up location is accurate & on the correct side of the road so that the driver can find you easily.
  2. Be ready to be picked up on time so your co-passengers don’t have to wait.
  3. Allow the driver to take the GPS suggested route. It’s configured in a way that’s convenient for all riders.
  4. Be mindful of your co-passengers’ space, just as you’d like yours.
  5. Make new friends while enjoying the ride!