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Pro Tip: Uber Experience in the Old City

April 8, 2017 / Jaipur

Jaipur, we’ve heard that you’ve had certain issues while requesting a ride from within the old city. Due to narrow lanes and one way traffic rules, accessibility of cars in the old city is limited which results into a not so great Uber experience for you. To ensure a seamless pickup experience going forward, we have defined pickup points based on your location so you can reach your ride hassle free!

How it works?

  1. Open the app in the old city to find multiple pickup points based on your location
  2. Select a pickup location that is the most convenient
  3. Request a ride
  4. Follow the map to reach the pickup point
  5. Meet your driver partner and get riding

Still have questions?

Here are answers to a few questions that you might have.

I see multiple pickup points at my location. Which one should I select?

The default selected pickup point would be the quickest option for you from your request location. However, you can choose other pickup locations as per your convenience.

I am not familiar with the city. How do I reach the pick up point?

Check the route to the pickup point on the map and walk towards it from your current location which is represented by a blue dot. Once you request you would see a black dotted line, which would guide you to the selected pickup point.

It’s taking me a while to reach the pickup point. Can my Uber wait for me?

Due to narrow lanes and strict traffic regulations, it is not possible for our driver-partners to wait within the old city for too long. You should request only when you’re ready and arrive at the pickup point by the time your Uber arrives.

I have arrived at the pickup point? What should I do next?

Your requested Uber will meet you at the pickup point. Identify your Uber, sit back in the car and get riding.

I cannot find my Uber at the pick up point. What should I do?

Due to one way traffic rules your Uber’s estimated time of arrival can be slightly higher than the expected time displayed on the app. We would request you to wait for your Uber to arrive or coordinate with your driver to re confirm your pick up location in case of any issues.